A Tale of Jollof Rice, Fried Fish & Dodo

I try to keep my family out of Social Media. I feel I am already too exposed by virtue of what I do but this story is one that I have been thinking about.

It was Christmas as usual and our school was asking everyone to bring money for Christmas party. I asked mom (in any case, Dad was far away and won’t be back till 23rd or 24th) and she said she didn’t have money for 3 children but she said she will make it up to us somehow. According to her, the money didn’t justify the returns – food, gift and chance to see Father Christmas. I felt bad because I was expecting to be the laughing stock of the class.

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Why I Want Another Ebola Outbreak

Well, maybe not an outright outbreak but a serious scare. The kind of scare that made Nigerians suddenly because very conscious of their sanitary conditions. That type that made people bathe with salt and consume more Ewedu. That type that made hand sanitizers suddenly become sold out in the country.

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