LEAKED: The Tecno C8 Looks Cool


I did say that this was going to be home to so many things but wasn’t thinking of writing tech-related stuff here. This was supposed to be my non-tech sanctuary. Anyway, I stumbled on this leak and I decided to put it up here so I don’t implicate anyone if it backfires (you never can tell).

Anyway, you already know the gist is about Tecno. Yes, they are releasing a new device before the end of the month and it is known as the Tecno C8. From what I could see, these are the specs – 16GB internal memory, 1GB RAM, 13MP back camera with auto focus and a front facing with and 5MP and flash (someone’s selfies are about to get brighter). The screen size is about 5.2″ while the battery is 3000mAh and wait for it… the OS is Android 5.0 Lollipop.

This is Tecno’s first Lollipop device, complete with all the bells and whistles. I have had not the chance of taking it for a spin because it is still under wraps but I am definitely excited about this one. I couldn’t take a picture so I don’t get caught.