The List of Ten is simply a list of the ten most important people in my life over the past year and sometimes it is not up to ten and sometimes up to but either way, it means a lot to me and it is simply own way of saying I appreciate you for what you mean to me.

I started this in 2005 and I have done it every year since then. Initially, I just used to send the text messages but I have been putting the list online for a few years now.

List of Ten from past years

2009 || 2010 || 2011 || 2012 || 2013 || 2014 || 2015 || 2016 || 2017

List of Ten Records

Longest time spent – Titi Obajolowo – 7 years.

Eldest person – Professor Omotosho (2010).

Youngest person – Deborah Ashan (2012).

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