Every year, I review the outgoing year and after looking the major events that sum up my life for that year, I pick the ten most influential, supportive and inspiring people in my life for that year. I started this tradition in 2005 and I have been doing it ever since. Most times, I don’t get up to ten people and it’s usually better that way. This year’s list has just one regular member in the person of Titilayo Obajolowo, she’s been making the list since inception. I have three new entrants and they are Professor Adebayo Omotosho, Mr. Adams Adebola and Oluwaseyi Amusu. Others have made list at one time or the other.

The List is in no particular order and it is purposely done that way. So here goes:

  1. Professor J. Adebayo Omotosho (Sir, thank you for your help and encouragement throughout the change of department issue, I really appreciate all you did for me).
  2. Mr. Adams Adebola (Sir, thanks for raising a new me by encouraging me to be better).
  3. Mrs. Abimbola Badejo-Salehu (Aunty B, you were there for me during my darkest days, those days when I felt like quitting and I say thanks for helping me through it all).
  4. Adeola Areo (The oceans have not succeeded in keeping us apart and I still wonder how we got here, thanks for the many parts you play in my life).
  5. Foluke Oderinde (I know we share we some special things but the one I love the most is your support).
  6. Titilayo Obajolowo (After spending five years together *you’re the person that has spent longest time on this list*, I still cherish you like I did when we first started this journey. I want to thank you for still being by me despite all.).
  7. Mosekola Akinbaani (Sometimes, your mommy characteristics puts us at loggerheads but I know you truly care about my welfare. Love you.).
  8. Habib Adewetan (for not forgetting me and also being there for me, I’m saying thank you so much).
  9. Korede Oluwafemi (for being with me, your various admonitions and support).
  10. Oluwaseyi Amusu (you’re simply wonderful, I believe you are God’s gift to me for this year).
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