Every year, like almost everyone else, I review the outgoing year and after looking at the major events that sum up my life for that year, I pick the ten most influential, supportive and inspiring people in my life for that year.


I started this trend in 2005 and it has become something of a tradition. Most times, I don’t get up to ten people and I believe it is better that way.

This Year

I must appreciate Titilayo Obajolowo specially, she made it to this year’s list again so I will probably need to create a Hall of Fame soon! She’s one of my greatest fans. Debbie and Osibo are here again. Apart from that, everyone else is probably new on this list. I will be recognizing unique groups of people but the are not part of the official list of ten but also played a part.

This year, it was really difficult picking the top ten most influential and supportive people in my life and while it has not been all rosy for me, I must state that everyone who appears on this page has been there for me in ways I simply can’t explain. Thank you for all you do, I really appreciate it, more than you know.

It was a great year – I hit a very low patch and I can say I bounced back pretty well too.

Now the list proper…

The List, as usual, is in no particular order and it is purposely done that way. So here goes:

  • Chuka Ofili
  • Gbenga Agoro
  • Osibo Imhoitsike
  • Deborah Ashan
  • Gladys Nwachukwu
  • Lai Bolaji
  • Taiwo Akinseye
  • Titilayo Obajolowo
  • Truston Ailende
  • Omowumi Ibiyooye
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