2018! I came into the year quite uncertain about a lot of things because everything I knew was questioned. My knowledge has always been one of my outstanding qualities so questioning that was like questioning my entire existence and given that one of the hardest decisions but most turnaround decisions I ever made was in 2017 so this year had a lot of question marks on it. To make things slightly worse, my phone was stolen on the 2nd day of the year. I know, right?

But this year was amazing in all shades of it. Professionally, financially, breaking new grounds, forging new territories and growing at an infinitesimal rate. I am definitely not the same Oluwapelumi that stepped into 2018. I’m better, stronger, faster even. I am definitely not a finished product, far from it but every step forward is a win.

To the following people, thanks for being there for me at various times and I appreciate you all… Olamide, Muyiwa, Jumoke, Ized, Bemigho, Gbemi, Torera, Bukola. To every DigiClan Africa Prime and DigiClan Africa member, you guys are awesome.

Without further ado, I present to you the 2018 List of Ten in alphabetical order (as always).

  • Adekoya, Tomi
  • Adeniji, Oluwatobi
  • Alaran, Oluwaseun
  • Bikomo, Oro
  • Ewuoso, Bukayo
  • Idowu, Adeola
  • Ikporo, Goodluck
  • Ogunyemi, Modupe
  • Oluwole, Ebun
  • Onamusi, Ibilola

Now, things are a bit different. I am still rough around the edges and I definitely need to get even better, faster as well. With new responsibilities and greater roles, I want to thank you for 2018.

Happy New Year!

PS: I did something I have always wanted to do this year. Everyone on the list in Nigeria got a box *wink*. Yay!

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