In 2005, I decided to have a list of top ten people that I appreciate at the end of the year. I curate the list over the course of the year by adding people who have inspired me in various ways and have been there in amazing ways as well.

If this year had a theme, it would be growth and with growth, comes challenges because true growth stretches you and enhances your capabilities. Through it all, I am happy I got to experience 2021 with them.

Cheers to the highs, the lows and everything in-between. Thank you, all of you, I am truly grateful for all you are.

Here is the 2021 #ListOfTen in alphabetical order:

  • A. Ameenah
  • A. Andre
  • A. Olumide
  • B. Oro
  • E. Bukayo
  • E. Ntongha
  • O. Emmanuel
  • O. Ibilola
  • W. Leah

To others who were also a part of my year, I appreciate you all.

Lolade, Solape, Teju, Olamide, Dupe, Nimisire, Berry, Ebun, Victoria, Khenie, Amaka, Gennaro, Aphoe, Xavier, David, Khalid, Judith, Khenie, my entire team at DigiClan Africa, Susan, Olumide, Feranmi, Fuad, Barry, Tiernan and the amazing Umba Nigeria team, Adeola Reiz, Simi, my ogas at the TCN MMCG, Lilian, Olafimihan and many more.

If I omitted your name, I apologise.

Cheers to a wonderful new year.

PS: You can find out more about the #ListOfTen and the lists from other years here.

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