Why I Want Another Ebola Outbreak

Well, maybe not an outright outbreak but a serious scare. The kind of scare that made Nigerians suddenly because very conscious of their sanitary conditions. That type that made people bathe with salt and consume more Ewedu. That type that made hand sanitizers suddenly become sold out in the country.

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My Mom’s Agbo-Cola

I had just got back from school. I was tired and thirsty. The sun had been unusually hot and I was forbidden from taking cold water even though I still sneaked into the fridge and steal a sip or two and then replace the stolen sips with ‘ordinary’ water so no one is none the wiser.

“E ku ile ma” I greeted my mom who was sitted in the living room and went to drop my bag in the room. My mom would remind you not to drop your bag even if you tried to sit down after walking in. Of course, that rule evaporates when she is not in the living room when you walk in.

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Yesterday was the #IWD and it was also my birthday. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t appreciate certain people enough. I look at myself and realise how difficult it is to cope with someone like me and these people do more than just cope – they prop me up and help me to present that game face that you all see. All those smiles that you all like on Instagram are plastered there by these people and I just want to take time out and say a very big I LOVE YOU to them all.

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