Yesterday was the #IWD and it was also my birthday. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t appreciate certain people enough. I look at myself and realise how difficult it is to cope with someone like me and these people do more than just cope – they prop me up and help me to present that game face that you all see. All those smiles that you all like on Instagram are plastered there by these people and I just want to take time out and say a very big I LOVE YOU to them all.

My mom (and my dad) – Despite all my failings and ‘underachievement’, she still cares and just keeps encouraging me. Sometimes I sit down and think back at everything we have been through together and I realise how strong she is. *tears* she has just been nothing short of amazing and awesome. Really, there are no words to describe her and I am forever grateful.

E² – Yeah, I will call her that here. You see, by the end of last year, I bottomed out and I had pick up the pieces of my life and try to move on. That is never easy. And I wrote about it here. A few people reached out and this one person stood out and shook me out of that gloom I was determined to stay in. She is a fish, big fried fish for that matter but that is why she is different. She says things as they are, no sugar coating and no éclairs covering. That style of straight talk is fresh. I have had more outings in the past two months than in a long while. From helping out in cleaning a beach to attending Afropolitan Vibes, it’s been a roller-coaster and I have enjoyed it. Let me give you a hint of how crazy she is – she bought me a birthday card meant for a two-year-old and carved the last figure of my age beside it for my birthday. LOL. This beautiful picture is her work.

My siblings – very unique set of people. Different skills and characters. We often can’t choose family and I have not regretted being elder brother to all of them. Tito, who is an engineer and an author (buy his books here); Kunmi who is best described as ‘gbogbonise’ (the one who does all things) and the baby of the house and only sister – Tiana Fey.

My Team – I met Tobi Soyombo for the first time in 2013. We had known each other since 2012. I am always amazed by the depth of knowledge and focus that Tobi has. I will stop here about Tobi, he deserves a separate post and his birthday is on the 25th so expect it then. Deji, you can frustrate us ehn but you are still amazing like. That willingness to know more and grow is something I admire in you. This team, right here, has got my back.

#TeamRED – Words fail me to say thanks to specific people – Biodun. Ada. Kolapo. Odun. Tina. Mr Wale and everybody else. Cheers.

Deborah – The Queen boo of all baby boos. This babe ehn, she can so frustrate my life. Playful bundle of energy with amazing creativity. Deb has been there and been there and been there. She is graduating in a few weeks and I don’t know if I am happier or she is. Her boyfriend is not a nice guy, he’s a cool guy who allows me to share.

Special mention – I love to be with certain people just to listen to them speak while tapping whatever was coming out of their mouths. They exude such intelligence and knowledge that I look at myself and realise that as vast as people say I am, I don’t know jack. Cheta Nwanze, twale! Chude, most of you have read his writings so you have an idea of his thought depth. Yes, there are very few people that I am awed by their intelligence.